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I am a 38 year old , voluptuous size 18,38D,standing 5'6, I am Irish-Mexican with a drop of Chipewyan   as well. 

I was born and raised here in Sacramento. 
My mom the Irish/Chipewyan came from the south,so my old fashioned southern belle hospitality,politeness ,vanity and femininity comes from her.
The Entertainer side from my maternal grandparent's who were Musicians in a country band ,my Peepa played guitar and him and my Meema were lead vocalists. But this happened around the time I was Born,before my Peepa was in a band,And my Meema was a housewife from the South ,with very old fashioned ideas of how lady's should behave.And it rubbed offf on my mom, But wore off my meema a bit playing in the honky tonk bars/
And my dad ,Mexican american  has played Bass guitar for as long as I can remember, But Rock n roll was what his Band alway's played   until the last several years .Now he  is into more of a Jazz style.
So those two worlds collided, whether when southern Belle met Honky Tonk or my southern Belle mom Met my Rock n Roll Dad. Maybe it was California..
I think I'm open minded,carry myself with class,Have my moments of wall flower and others  tomes a show off.
I know when and where too stay under the radar or shine above the rest.
I am very particular with my grooming,love my lingerie,thigh highs and heels in private but casual,comfy wear for my time. And casual discrete or elegant sexy depending on occasion for  meeting with friends.
I am sensual,playful,with a gentle touch. But have a adventurous experimental side and toys if your open.
I am patient like conversation too kinda relax the Butterflies of a first blind date.
I am looking forward to the company of gentlemen who are sensual,cuddly themselves and may wanna try something new or 
  too step outta the box of typical  liaisons. where a friendly,sensual women that is open to role play and all sorts of fetish.
And one with me doesn't   mean the other,I can combine both or the sensual sweet GFE or the open minded vixen who loves too explore.